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Mission Standard Couplings are primarily designed for jointing pipes in sewerage, drainage and other non-pressure applications and comply with the requirements of Water Industry Specification WIS 4-41-01 „Specification for flexible couplings for gravity sewerage and drainage pipes“.

Due to their robust design they have the ability to provide a reliable seal on any pipe material whether rough e.g. concrete or smooth e.g. PVCu. Whilst the centre shear band provides resistance against heavy earth loads and shear forces, helping to ensure pipe alignment with joint flexibility.

The unique design of the Mission Standard Couplings offers the end user the following benefits:

The thickness of the rubber sleeve allows for greater flexibility and the ability to withstand an internal water pressure of 2.5 bar on pipes such as ductile iron and plastic.
The new “locked-in-place” profile of the rubber sleeve ensures that both end clamps and shear band remain securely in place during transportation to the job site.
The elimination of spot-welds on the shear band and their replacement with fasteners using TOX ® technology enhances the corrosion resistance of the couplings. Uses
As a joint for plain ended pipe.
Where a post connection is required to an existing drain or sewer.
The repair of existing pipelines by the insertion of a new length of pipe.
As an adaptor between pipes of different diameter or materials. (Where the difference in diameter exceeds 12mm a bush should be used if an Adaptor Coupling is not available).
Jointing short or cut lengths of pipe.
Provision of rocker pipes adjacent to structures.

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